Current/Upcoming Events


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September 5th - Hugo House reading & salon: “Telling Tough Stories: Writing About Illness,” with writers Suzanne Paola Antonetta, Suzanne Edison, and Nic Masangkay.

September 13th - Montana Book Festival, reading and discussion: “Overcoming or Not: Facing Life’s Challenges Head On” with writers Wendy Fox, Rebecca Clarren, and Carrie Laben.

September 21st - Third Place Books reading: “Kathryn Trueblood – Take Daily as Needed.”

September 22nd - Hugo House workshop class: “Telling Tough Stories: Writing Illness and Healing.”

October 6 - Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, featured author, 2019 PNBA Fall Tradeshow. Appearance: “PNBA’s Nightcapper Autographing Party.”

October 19 - Whatcom County Library Association, South Whatcom Library: 75th Anniversary workshop class, “Telling Tough Stories: Writing About Illness.”

October 26th - The Examined Life Conference, workshop: “Telling Tough Stories: Writing Illness and Disability.”

November 17th, - Village Books, reading and discussion: “Kathryn Trueblood, Take Daily as Needed: A Novel in Stories – Fiction and Writing.”